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Hi, I’m Allison !

Let me T.E.L.L. you a little bit about me! Travel, Experience, Live, Learn, these four wor

ds have changed my life!

Life wasn’t always this simple, not long ago my life was in shambles…

I was born and raised on the east coast in the USA, and had the privilege of being raised in a wealthy suburb of New York City. Growing up I was taught there was only one recipe for success, and it’s the same recipe that many of us still follow today:


Go to school, make good grades, go on to higher education, graduate, find a job, and then life will be glorious and happy.

All throughout school I worked extremely hard to achieve the highest marks in both High School and University, and I eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business. Shortly after graduating I landed a job in the finance industry, thinking this was the path to money and success. I was full of excitement and high hopes for my personal and professional future, and thought that nothing could stop me.

But then reality hit…

9 months into my new job, the company I was working for went under. What many people were watching on TV, I was watching in person, I knew many of the people carrying their boxes of personal stuff as they left the building for one final time. The 2008 financial crisis was the center of my life; it was a major eye opener for me. Luckily for me, another company had purchased the firm that had gone under and I managed to keep my job and bills could be paid. But despite having a some sense of job security where unemployment reached record highs (globally), things only got worse. My friends at work would ask me how my day was going, and I remember telling them every time: “Worst day of my life!” Wow, looking back on that I wonder I how lasted as long as I did there.

Eventually I moved on from that job to another financial firm that seemed very promising. The markets were improving slowly but steadily and I knew it was time to shake things up. Things were going great in my new role and I couldn’t have been happier compared to my last job. About a year into my new job the firm unexpectedly offered me the opportunity to work in Singapore. This is where travel enters my life. I was simply shocked, amazed, and downright excited! I had always wanted to live abroad and now I was getting the chance! Finally, life was going my way!

After 2 ½ years into my role in Singapore, the company asked me to then move on to India to start up and manage a team for a long-term assignment. Incredible opportunity right?!?! I knew this would be a major step up in my career, and decided I would set my personal life aside to make the leap of faith towards success.

What I have yet to mention up until this point is my on-going struggle with depression.

Over the years through counseling, managing my well-being, and using various different coping mechanisms I had managed to escaped many of the lows often associated with depression.

However, as time began to wear on, my mental well-being began to slipped off the scale I had been trying to balance for so long and the ghosts of depression started to haunted me again. The cloud of depression was holding me back from truly living and loving everything I should be grateful for in life.

Unrelated to my depression, after 2 years in India, the company had offered me a role on a London based team, which I gladly accepted. Aware that my depression was beginning to resurface, I figured a move to a new location would help lift the dark cloud of my depression so I could move forward with my life.

Unfortunately, despite all of the changes moving to London presented, my depression finally became all consuming.

I had lost my own identity and despite all of the wonderful things in my life I could see no escape from my darkness. I knew something had to change. I needed help and soon. I told myself that if my holiday home to visit friends and family didn’t help lift my mood I needed to go see a doctor. Shortly after my holiday, with no signs of improvement, I reluctantly took the first step and spoke to my doctor about my crumbling mental state.

It was easy for the doctors to see my mental state was fragile at best and I was officially diagnosed with severe depression and a anxiety disorder. I was put on a regiment of medication help get me back on track, but I had waited too long. Shortly after seeing my doctors, the swell of dark and painful emotion swept me under and I had a full-blown mental break, leaving me in tears as I made my way into what should have been a normal commute into work.

After this awful ordeal and feeling more unstable then ever, I was now being FORCED to take a total break from everything. I was put on mandatory medical leave so I could focus on getting my mental and physical health back on track.

This break ended up transforming my life. It has led me towards future I want and know I deserve.

I had the chance to finally sit down and figure out what LIFE really meant to me. I knew what I wanted out of life again and I was able to clearly figure out what I would need to do to get that.

With everything clear in front of me, I could see now that everything I wanted could be achieved by creating financial freedom, but the obvious next question is how do I achieve that?! And this is where the Earn comes into play.

Doing the math, it was easy to see that even with inflation, pay raises, and bonuses, I would not be able to get what I was looking for with just my income from my job alone. So as many do, I started researching different investment options, I looked into business school, anything that would help either significant increase my current income or create additional streams of income.

I went to countless wealth seminars, read loads of books, watched numerous webinars, paid to attend several basic courses on wealth generation; you name I’ve probably looked into it or did it.

Nothing really hit home for me until I discovered an online business class, that has help transform my life and introduced me into the world of Digital Business.  I still work in my corporate job but I am expanding my skill set into the digital world.

I am starting in the online marketing space and as my knowledges grows, I plan to scale my business into different markets.

Follow along as my journey as an entrepreneur begins.

Check Out www.TELLGlobalLLC.com to see what business ventures I am currently plugged into.

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