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Its taken a couple months, but finally starting to get the connectivity of things working.  Connecting everything together so you have one central point of adding content and one place to manage is critical to keeping yourself organised.

I’m working towards achieving that now, so here’s hoping this post makes it to my Facebook Fan Page as well!

The right Connectivity will lead to smooth sailing.


Continuing on the theme of business pillars of success it is critical to organize your processing. Processing relates to how you operationally achieve what your business goals are in a scalable manner.

This can range from getting email responders set up to setting up a sales funnel to efficiently managing the products or services you are offering people to sooooo much more!

Defining your current process can help you identify if you’re missing anything or if things can be approved upon.

Learn how to improve your business process!

I didn’t capture the whole process of this raclette stand in Borough Market, but I’m sure through experience and customer demand they have refined their process of getting people their yummy cheese as fast as possible! There is only one wheel of cheese at the moment but shortly after they put 2 more on and 3 wheels of cheese were melting for the fast growing line of cheese lovers


The first Business Pillar I want to discuss with you  is Planning. What is your strategy going to be to reach customers. What are your goals, define them not just for yourself but define the goals you want for your business. You will need a plan to service your debt in the event your require funding. You need to outline your general plan or roadmap to get your business off the ground.

Without a clear plan your focus will be divided. Have you thought about how you plan to get your business up and running?

I needed a little help, but with the team I’m working with now, everything is now on a well greased track, keeping me focused and sticking to the plan that I’ve created.

First things first, Get a Plan in Place


Business Pillar: People
People are critical to any business. People to work in partnership with, people to motivate you and hold you accountable, and people you can hire. This will always be changing and evolving but it’s crucial you about all of these and how to best leverage them within your business.#tellgloballlc #travelearnlivelove #globalcitizen #makingchanges#businesspillars #pillarsforsuccess #accountabilitygroup#keepaccountable #peoplemakeallthedifference

Here’s to Making Changes in Your Life
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