Brief Bio.

Allison Zucco embarked on a financial career in New York City, with an international bank that recognized her business savvy, coupled with her gregarious people skills. She was transferred to Singapore, and her love affair with the world began.

Upon first moving to Singapore she instantly began to associate herself as being a Global Citizen. This was back in 2011, so if you do the math, her experience abroad can easily be justified. After several years in Singapore, she made a bold move to Bengaluru, India, where she lived for 2 years, helping to build and manage a team for the company she was working with.

Her journeys leading up to How to Become a Global Citizen provided a kaleidoscope of experiences she was able to draw on, and clearly shows her passion of travel and living in the global community. She currently resides in London, with her beloved dog, Loki, a Chinese pug that was bred in India, and was named after the Norwegian god of mischief. She has now moved backed to the States amid the covid pandemic and is currently getting her MBA with a concentration in sustainability. She has expanded to her doggo family, with another pug named Lady, and the crew is anxiously waiting for the world to start reopen it’s doors again, so the travel flood gates can reopen!