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Uganda, A Woman’s Gay Night Out in Entebbe.

Uganda’s Entebbe, the capital city, has surprised me.  Traveling on my own and up for an adventure, I spend a wild night out of the town, clubbing with a local tour guide. What I discovered was a hidden subculture, that breaks from tradition and gives African nightlife a whole new dimension. Entebbe, the capital sits […]

Jakarta Surabaya Market: A Shopping Trip to Remember

The weekend after Lil’s birthday was preceded by the much-anticipated trip to Jakarta for the Jazz festival.  Although there isn’t much to do in Jakarta, aside from shopping, Lillian and I did the right thing by taking Friday off to “explore” the sites.  We quickly learned during our research of Jakarta that there weren’t many […]

Mumbai’s Top 11 Tourist Attractions

Mumbai has a wide variety of tourist attractions that are touted as being a “must-see” but having lived in India and traveled to Mumbai many times, I found that there were really only a few things really worth going to see and I have listed them down below. I have chosen the below primarily for […]

Longest Indian Vacation Ever

And there is more to write about India.  I left off after my slum tour of Dharavi but there were still several days remaining in my trip that definitely warranted some blog space.  Wednesday and Thursday were meant to be the “vacation” after the wedding, mainly for Dhara, but for myself and her best friend […]

My Big Fat First Indian Wedding

I had no time to let the shock of India sink in. On Friday, after setting my stuff in the hotel, Dhara and I went straight to go get our nails done.  This definitely helped me relax after the initial shock of India.  After nails, I went to Dhara apartment for the Mehendi tradition, also […]